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In Intuit's defense, Quick Books is considerably easier to use (and less expensive) than an SAP or Microsoft Dynamics Solution.

Intuit never intended Quick Books to be used by Fortune 500 companies.

Customers often use this simple application to prepare invoices, purchase orders, and perform payroll for their new businesses.

As business booms and more employees are hired, Quick Books starts to become unreliable and sluggish.

Well, notice how the "modify" function is greyed out in the picture to the right ("Company" - "Setup Users and Roles.").

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The VNXe3150 allows multiple servers to access a single LUN over multi-pathed i SCSI connections for optimized performance.Intuit advises customers to migrate to their Enterprise package, but flexibility and data protection features are still limited.Migrating to another accounting platform such as Microsoft Dynamics comes with substantial downtime, learning, and migration costs.Contrary to what you might think, the settings on the right do let users checking account registers!Security issues aside, we have seen clients mistakenly post and reconcile incorrect accounts that required reverting to prior backups to fix.

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