Updating php redhat 9 Granny chat in birmingham

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So I decided to upgrade versions of PHP/My SQL on the system.

Obviously the default repository of RHEL does not have the updated versions of PHP and My SQL (and many other softwares I believe).

I searched online for making the upgrades and after a long search, I came across links on the web which helped me perform the upgrades.

So, I decided to write a detailed post about my upgrade process so it could be helpful to others. So its a good idea to know few basic yum commands: I guess all of above commands are self explanatory.

One of the most popular and the one which I used is Remi’s repository which has latest packages for most of the software: repository is not there in the repository directory yet so we need to enable it in order to use it.Atomic Rocket Turtle ( company i found that regularly updating applications used in Cent OS/Fedora/RHEL.You will be seeing that i will be updating PHP from version 5.1.x to 5.2.12, which is latest till this date.This is my post about the steps which I used to update the versions of PHP and My SQL on RHEL 5.3.As of this writing the latest versions of PHP is 5.2.9 and that of My SQL server is 5.1.32-1.

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