The vampire diaries season 5x02 online dating

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So then Damon paid the campus a visit, and this was a funny scene in which he came in to bark orders at Caroline to help him figure stuff out and he kept picking up clothes and throwing them at her.

Like, relax, let a lady choose her own clothes, jeez.

Also, her murder had been covered up and Elena really, really, really wanted to investigate. Oh, and in this scene we learned that they had planned on majoring in either Communications, or in Caroline's case, drama. I guess you are potentially immortal now so your formal education doesn't matter, but quit playin' like you're going to attend college all four years. Anyway the main revelation here was that The Vampire Diaries tends to have attractive teacher figures. So she was very happy to awkwardly hug him with joy. Vampires have extremely sensitive eyes and ears and noses and mouths, but they are totally unable to detect that their friend/brother/lover has been replaced by an immortal monster who had just spent upwards of a thousand years rotting in a tomb?

Unfortunately the citizens of Mystic Falls were not very helpful to Katherine! But it was truly hilarious how Katherine immediately went into BRAWLER mode.I'm not sure why Damon didn't just strap on some floaties and take the plunge himself, but then again, yeah, a citizen being in mortal danger really does fall under Sheriff Forbes' jurisdiction. Okay got it, anyway, so this professor guy is also a doctor, which is only important because Elena saw that he'd forged her roommate's fraudulent death certificate that omitted any mention of vampire bites. Well, whatever, Elena definitely did not notice that Stefan wasn't Stefan, which was one of the more insulting things to have happened to Stefan in a while. But yeah, Katherine had a cold and she was miserable, and it was made all the more degrading by the fact that Jeremy and Matt were keeping her hog-tied in Matt's truck.She muttered something about working on the murdered mayor case (which, WHAT? So of course this meant that Elena and Caroline needed to infiltrate his lecture on Applied Microbiology where he immediately creeped everybody out by telling them that the school bonfire was inspired by the burning of bodies during the Civil War. "We love you and care about you, but we literally didn't notice when you were replaced by some dude with no personality who we barely know."Okay, so, this was hilarious. Except for this brief restroom break where a gas station attendant tried to murder Katherine with a shotgun.Let's see, how do I give examples of this show's psychic abilities without seeming too negative? It's almost like the show realized she was a waste of time and just called it a day?Or, in the example most relevant to this recap, the fact that by episode 2 of this season Stefan is already out of the safe and Silas seems so doomed?

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