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Galbitang is a variety of Korean soup, made primarily from beef short ribs along with stewing beef, onions, and other ingredients.The short ribs, or "galbi" also refers to grilled short ribs in Korean barbecue while the suffix tang is another name for guk.Korean barbecue is not only popular among Koreans, but has gained popularity internationally.The White Lotus Pond of Hoesan, known as ‘Hoesan Baengnyeonji’ in Korean, is the largest habitat of white lotus in Asia, covering an area of approximately 330,000 square meters.

A lotus festival is held in August, when the flowers are at their peak Naju Image Theme Park is a place where many scenes of Buyeo Kingdom, including Buyeogung Palace, an ironware factory and the downtown area, were filmed for ‘Jumong,’ which is a hit drama that was recently televised.Consequently bike Oasis KOREA will offer another program for the day.General information: Hallasan (Halla Mountain) rises up proudly from the center of Jeju Island and is perhaps one of the island’s most memorable landmarks. Yeongjusan, meaning ‘mountain high enough to pull the galaxy,’ Mt.Teokgalbi is a type of Korean food made from galbi, or short ribs.It is believed to originate in Damyang, where you are staying tonight. It is made by shaping a mixture of beef and pork into a rectangular appearance then grilled on charcoal.

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