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In the seventh book he hosts Potterwatch, an underground radio program that shows support for Harry during Voldemort's regime..

He is a big fan of Harry's, and tries to get his autograph.

"A socially awkward, forgetful boy who hides a painful past: his parents were tortured by Death Eaters to the point of permanent insanity and don't recognize him anymore. Like the protagonists, Neville appears in all seven of the books, with varying importance to the plot.

Talk with each of the offenders individually and say this: “We’ve talked about this before and I erred in not being clear enough — Parvati’s name isn’t Polly; it’s Parvati.

She’s asked that we use her correct name, and that’s what you need to call her going forward.

One of my long-term staff has a common, easy-to-pronounce Indian name, but since well before I was hired, she was given a nickname: a westernised version of her name.

We were chatting about my (slightly unusual) name one day, and she expressed that she hates the nickname, wishes people would just use her real name, and that she’s never felt confident asking people to do so.

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