Sex key scam

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“I am calling you from Windows…”We’ve all had the calls, but what can we really do about the Windows Tech Support scam? Is there anyone you can report them to, and if so, should you even bother? Anyone claiming to be from “Windows” could be expected to know if there was a virus on your PC, right?

And when they guide you into checking the Windows Event Viewer (where harmless errors are logged) and reading out a string of numbers, they usually manage to snare you into their swindle.

In this case, there is a strong chance that they copied (or attempted to) data from you.

If this data features personally identifiable information, this could be used to determine one or more passwords.

Alison Sweeney speaks out against the false diet pill advertisements that have spread online.

She discusses how she first learned her name was being used without her consent and how she’s fighting back against this scam.

Perhaps you ended the call and switched off your PC. perhaps you gave access to the scammer, believed their lie, and paid up.

But trolling these tech support scammers can turn dark, really quickly.

and unsubstantiated reports of violence and doxing against victims who called them out, and you see that it really isn’t worth stringing the scammers along.

If so, you’re probably safe, but make sure you run a scan with your anti-virus software and Malwarebytes’s Antimalware tool.

Did the scammer install any software, or go looking around your personal files and folders?

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