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Several options which would fulfil these requirements were open to me:1.

Fit a non-VW engine that in standard form has a high power output in comparison to the VW engine, eg.

Turbocharge the 2-litre Kombi motor - this fulfils all of the guidelines and it's something I've wanted to have a go at for years.

Having decided on the turbo project I bought a burnt-out 2-litre Kombi motor from a wrecker for 0.

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The usefulness of the Kombi over a sedan-type car soon became apparent; for towing, carting large loads or camping, it just can't be beat.

Disc front brakes and radial-ply tyres are standard, while the much-improved suspension counteracts the traditional difficulty of handling the vehicle in high winds.

This can be described as trying to keep a small boat in a choppy sea, for the high and wide Microbus tends to be blown off course.

I travel 1000 km a week and the Kombi is my sole means of transport, so any modifications I made to give me a substantial increase in power would still have to retain the same level of reliability as that of the standard engine.

Several other considerations came to mind:• Fuel economy mustn't suffer appreciably or my weekly fuel bill would skyrocket due to the high mileage I cover.• Low-speed driveability must be retained as I drive a lot in traffic - therefore no wild cam angles.• The motor mustn't be noisy inside or out, as I can't stand a lot of induction or exhaust noise on a long trip.

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