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Astrology might not be the most sciencey science around, but I identify perfectly with my zodiac sign’s ruling planet.

I have the Saturn tattoo to prove it — and my goat spirit animal.

They are simply shy and reserved, a quiet type that does not reveal their feelings to just anyone.

The goat does not wear their heart on their sleeve.

The tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn is the sign of discipline, structure and careful planning in order to reach worldly goals and our potential.

A cardinal earth sign, Capricorn initiates the Winter.

Ruled by Saturn, the planet of limitations, Capricorn values discipline, responsibility, restriction, self-denial, time and reaching new heights through working with the resources that are available.

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Financial security is important to the Capricorn-born. They are great with a budget, frugal and at times self-sacrificing.They do not call attention to themselves, slowly and steadily pushing ahead with careful planning and a calculating strategy.The Capricorn is geared towards achievement and leadership. Capricorns quietly go about their business without advertising themselves or their achievements.It takes more than superficial ways to truly understand them and their is often a lot about themselves that they keep hidden.Patient, stern, serious, disciplined, persistent, relentless, determined and extremely ambitious, Capricorn-born individuals are driven from the motivating need for success, authority, position, money and love.

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