Kanemochi-kun to binbou-kun online dating

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I’ve been only lukewarm towards Hideyoshico so far.I just didn’t have the enthusiasm that everyone else seemed to have. And I found it–I think there’s something really beautiful in Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun.But by the second chapter, we see there’s more going on.This is a romance story at its core–and not just the romance between the two boys.Inside it is a letter with "I want a friend" written on it by an unknown sender.When he writes a reply as a joke, the next morning another letter is inside it... There was a year in-between where I almost stopped reading manga, but Silver Diamond is the one thing I stayed current on.It’s not that the rest of the story isn’t good–this is just the juiciest part.

Most attention has gone toward Diablo III which arrived exactly when I wanted a video game to binge on. On the other hand, I’ve barely touched Brothers Conflict yet. If I manage to do it before I grab the Atelier Elkrone otome game. I have been dabbling in manga and have received a number of them. The reality of Silver Diamond ending is starting to set in. We’ll see where all the developments /revelations from this last volume go… I have a new addition to the general romance manga list that features older men: Kanemochi-kun to Binbou-kun by Hideyoshico.Between this quick order and the one later this month that coincides with the release of Silver Diamond 26, I should be caught up once again.I picked up a few additional titles I didn’t want to wait until after the 20th to get. This is a clever device–not only does it help visualize how he is revitalized and grasping onto these memories (and not young Misaki himself), but it also protects the unspoken rule in most BL manga where old people aren’t allowed to be in major romantic roles (BOOOOO HISSSS).So publishers/many fujoshi are still happy that the bishie quota is met and some of us get to enjoy an old man and his wistful love. Haruhito has to overcome this formidable opponent and do what his grandfather never could–fulfill his love in the present before it’s too late.

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