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By making the victim symbolically deaf to the angels trumpet, Jo surmises that this was the killers way of saying that this victim wasnt worth Gods mercy. A great copshow much better then csi and law&order with jean reno and jill hennessy both actors are great in this show great acting. This copshow deserves to have several seasons it,s excellent.In a garage under Place Vendome, firemen find a burnt corpse behind the wheel of his car.Detective Robert Goren played by Vincent D' Onofrio tried to catch but never did as I recall.Well Olivia is back playing Madeleine Haynes who is the the same person as on Law & Order just has a new name.But the style of the killing suggests a sexual motive.

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His ears have been pierced and his face positioned so that his dead eyes are aimed at a figure of an angel blowing his trumpet to wake the dead for the final judgment. This copshow has a great mix between the personal life of the character played by jean reno and the criminal instivigations it,s a good mix to have a great time,the trouble relationship between the character played by jean reno and is daughter is great reno is perfect in this copshow he is the star of the show each scenes with him are great his acting translate a lot of emotions giving his character a lot of reno is a great actor every scene with him is a delight and jill hennessy is also great.

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“Jo” takes the audience behind the scenes of Paris’ most iconic locations – the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Catacombs, Place Vendome – as we follow St-Clair in his relentless pursuit of justice.. Reason #1— I love a good cop series, regardless of who stars in it.

I haven’t learned how Ebouaney’s character fits into the story, but if you squint really hard while watching the trailer, you’ll catch a glimpse of the back of his head, sitting at what appears to be a table full of cops. But when I learned that Wunmi Mosaku and Eriq Ebouaney would co-star (and IMDB indicates that they both appear in all 8 episodes), I knew for certain that I’d be tuning in.

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