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Within seconds, Lin was caught on camera in her robe hugging and kissing while slowly making their way to the sofa area.They made it to the sofa but while still standing, Nhan had my wife turned around both facing the same way with him behind her, he gently cupped her huge breasts over her robe.I had both hidden cameras activated just before I left for tennis.I definitely didn't play well that night given all I could think about was Lin and Nhan making out and how exciting and arouse I would be watching them on videos I arrived home from tennis a bit just after 10 pm and off course Lin was already in bed.I became suspicious after a few occasions so I decided to set up a few hidden cameras around our house to see if anything did happen.

Besides, I still have many more images in my personal archive so eventually I’ll share more in the future.

Det er en fuldstændig kopi af dagens avis, men med langt flere fordele.

Med Politikens e-avis kan du let danne dig et overblik over avisen og springe direkte til din favoritsektion.

One camera was setup in the living room that pointed toward the large sofa where Nhan and Lin had their first sexual encounter, and the other was in our bedroom incase they decided to venture into our bed.

The first opportunity arrived last Monday when Nhan called just before dinner that he wouldn't be playing tennis with the boys.

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