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;-) And we have lots more left to bring you later, also ! And so, in keeping with that fine tradition, we bring you our very own Zale Parry in a genuine authentic 1950's white one piece swimsuit, along with an equally cute very vintage white bathing cap from that same era, plus an authentic old Voit scuba mask, also from that same wonderful old nostalgic period re. OK so the dive reg is a little too modern but, hey, is anyone really gonna complain ! And who better to bring this to you, in a more detailed digital image format, than the fantastic combination of the beautiful Mermaid Porchia and Always a favourite swimsuit of both Mermaids and Aquawomen Members alike, our slick, shiny, black 'Realise' Japanese one piece swimsuit looks so good on our seductively, tantalising Mermaid Elise, as she cavorts under the water for ya'll. And so, it is with much pride and respect to this wonderful lady, who I had the privilege of meeting once, that we bring y'all our own pictorial tribute to the amazing, pioneering female diver - Miss Zale Parry. A black, smooth neoprene rubber shortie wetsuit jacket, Nemrod Max-Vue mask and Siebe Gorman Merlin Mk Vl twin hose regulator - all from the really cool 'Scuba Diving' period of the 1960's. Over many years we have seen a lot of wonderful, young Aquawomen join us - and then move on, as their lives took them on various different paths. Guys, I have to be honest, I'm running out of adjectives to describe our Electrifying Mermaid Elise, when she performs like this underwater ! Well, we have to go back to the beginning of summer, to May in fact, to find Part One of this Supa Scuba gallery . Knowing that some of you cannot download our videos, due to personal restrictions, I thought it perhaps a little sad if y'all couldn't enjoy the latest super Scubaliscious imagery we have just posted and so, I figured maybe the timing was good to release the Still pictures from the same set. It seems we can never usually go wrong when we revisit the theme of 'Diving Girls during the Sea Hunt era' ? Now, we would never want you to get fed up with too many 'little Wet White T-shirt Scuba' shoots ? Showing that a black latex rubber catsuit makes an amazing diving suit, when worn by the right Aquawoman of course, it's our so Sophisticated and Scubaliscious Mermaid Hayley looking sooooooo tantalising and irresistible once again as she poses for y'all on the bottom of the crystal clear Aquawomen pool. or rather, should I say, almost wearing that super sexy, yellow and black one piece swimsuit, along with a vintage oval scuba mask and a single hose reg and fins. Always looking to try and bring you something a little 'different' to help enhance your underwater fantasies, we feel that this beautiful, great big set of superb underwater pictures might well and truly blow one or two of our Scuba fans minds ? Subby never ceases to amaze me and I remember he pointed out that the single hose Dacor reg., that we have a couple of and that Porchia uses here (after the problems we had with her Twin Hose), was the same model used to help make Darth Vaders breathing noises in the Star Wars movies !! We're pretty sure that our simply stunningly beautiful Mermaid Porchia will encourage some heavy breathing noises of her own amongst you when you gaze at this set, that's if you haven't got your hands too full to be able to enjoy them ? Wearing a super old vintage oval scuba mask and sporting a fearsome little Spirotechnique speargun, to enhance her natural "Bond Girl" appearance, who wouldn't want to be captured underwater by this stunning Scuba Beauty ? Definitely one for the scuba fans as our unbelievable Mermaid Elise dons a dive suit that will simply 'blow your mind' !;-) Mask on, mask off, reg in place, reg out - it's all the same to our jaw droppingly scubaliscious Mermaid Elise ! Proving that a classy white one piece, from that era, can look every bit as good as a black one, we bring you the first batch of many such wonderful underwater pictures for your enjoyment. A mixture of old and recent scuba equipment only add to compliment her whole outfit as, once more, she slips back into her own sub-aquatic world, where she is always so 'at home'. And of course, who else could it be but our own Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise, looking so uncannily alike the early Miss Parry herself, as if she had just jumped off of a 1960's front cover of 'Sports Illustrated" Magazine, to bring such imagery to you ! In true style - there's a few "fun ones" at the end, that we know many of y'all will enjoy ! The Aquawoman though, from a lot later vintage, in fact she was't even born when this fantastic Dive equipment was being worn by those early gorgeous female divers. Today, we are proud to feature someone quite exceptional, who joined us on our first ever underwater photoshoot and isn't just simply still going strong today - she is actually going a hell of a lot stronger ! Who needs chocolate eggs though, when you can have such an amazing young Aquawoman as our 'drop dead gorgeous' Mermaid Elise posing so beautifully and seductively underwater for you ? We have to go all the way back to May, to remember the first set of pictures paying tribute to that classic old Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina movie ! A favourite 'little number' that we haven't seen for a while, certainly not whilst being worn by our own Devine Mermaid Kiki anyways. And so, on this occasion, I'm going to leave it to y'all. Strangely, it was only our Dear Subby who felt the need to Comment publicly on it at that time, but it has certainly accumulated a sack full of votes since then ! As before, this set features our own 'Scuba Goddess', namely the beautiful Mermaid Elise, wearing a real sexy, very high cut, slinky Japanese swimsuit. And so, for all of our many Scuba fans, plus all those of our stunning Mermaid Porchia too, of course, please now enjoy this wonderful Gallery of still images showing this beautiful young Aquawoman, dressed in a vintage Beavertail wetsuit jacket, oval mask and a very modern Mistral twin-hose reg, where she loves to be - underwater ! And so, hoping to keep that tradition fully intact, we take great pleasure in bringing you our very own 'Dale Parry' of the 2015's, perfectly and accurately portraying both the original swimwear and scuba equipment of those wonderful early 'Dive Girl' days from well over fifty years ago ! Like us, we're sure many of you are already missing our much loved Mermaid Hayley during her temporary absence. Do you perhaps imagine her as our stunning, unequalled Mermaid Elise ? But, as the first part of this set was posted back in January, we thought y'all wouldn't mind seeing Pt 2 now ? Now here's something we don't do often but, so many of you have asked us to recently and so we thought we would 'give it a go' for y'all. Such a splendid combination of vintage dive gear with a wonderful sexy rubber suit all assembled together on a truly beautiful young woman ! There are certainly one or two outstanding points that she felt the need to make you more aware of in this set, compared to the previous and so, all of you Mermaid Hayley /Scuba fans, pay attention ! It's Mermaid Kiki and at their best once more - and this is only Part One ! Add a super modern Hollis dive mask, which she actually manages to keep on for a short while, a very small single hose reg and a pair of fins and y'all would have to agree - they don't really come much more 'Scubaliscious' than this ! No matter how many times we revisit this scenario, you never seem to grow tired of it and the requests for more keep on a'comin' ! ;-) I can't help smiling as I'm writing this one, trying to imagine what 'smurfie' and 'subby' may make of this Gallery ?She also needs to have a way to get her buddys attention, and to be able to communicate on a simple level with her while underwater.Buddy divers must also be familiar with their partners equipment, and need to be able to check each other to make sure everything is properly secured.And they demonstrate certain underwater skills for you here that definitely are not being taught in any dive courses! It's always nice to show off new outfits to y'all and, I think it fair to say that no-one else out there comes anywhere near close to our 'amazing' wardrobe and collection of dive gear ?Words kindly provided by Subby - Oh and if you like this set, we have over another 30 or so images to share with you later some time later . Along with Cressi, we feel that Camaro always come up with lovely, sexy, neoprene creations for we girls and so, tonight, we're really pleased to bring you a beautiful gallery of underwater images featuring our most alluring Mermaid Hayley, stunningly attired in the latest Camaro smooth 'soft touch' black neoprene shortie swimsuit. Of all the swimsuits we have, this one certainly has to be one of my special favorites.

Thrilled to take her scuba diving experience to a new level, it's our Divine Mermaid Kiki thrilling many of you also as she puts all of her gymnastic dancing skills on show once more on the bottom of the crystal clear Aquawomen pool.In this set, two of most gorgeous Mermaids can be seen beautifully checking each others equipment while theyre submerged!Mermaids Elise and Hayley do very beautifully indeed maintain their positions as the dive buddies in this photoset, and clearly demonstrate for us that they both REALLY do have more than one way to get each others attention.We purchased a large trimmings company in the 1990s, which began our quest to locate and acquire the best examples of textile trim in the industries history. We have a very large and unique inventory at suprising prices.These boots by Hopscotch Dandelions which is now HD West are designed and created by a talented artist by the name of Amanda Richardson.

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