Dating going out

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By bringing her into YOUR world, YOU create the situation. She will have a strange feeling of knowing you better, and sometimes, she’ll even think you’re already a couple (, then go to a jazz concert, is the kind of experience that will make a girl think of you as a good friend she’s known for a really long time, so she’ll trust you more. Don’t have your date in a forgotten corner of the city. If the young lady doesn’t have a vehicle, make sure that the location of your meeting doesn’t create transportation problems for her… Because in a cafe, you get the impression you’re at a job interview, and as you all know, that’s not seductive at all.Girls are very sensual and wonderfully sensitive creatures.Instead of ordering and making me rush to find something that I liked, he simply asked me if I needed a minute to decide.Small gesture, yes, but to a girl who is used to dating arrogant, selfish dudes, I found this to be lovely.

But when the waitress came to ask us what we wanted, I hadn't even so much as opened mine.

Let’s make a modest estimate and say that your sweetheart, she’s been invited at least 30 times to a cafe, 45 times to a restaurant, and 75 times to the movies…

That kind of date is just going to remind her of all the guys who tried to take her out, so they could become her boyfriend.

And that will naturally activate negative emotions in her which, as a result, will affect YOUR seduction strategy.

By that, I’m trying to point out, once again, the problem that guys tend to encounter when they go out with a girl for coffee or dinner in a restaurant.

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