Consolidating multiple companies in quickbooks

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The first goal of the Risk Based Audit is to identify when a client has failed to consider an important risk, economic event or transaction.The second goal is to assure that our clients have focused on emerging risks that may not yet be well understood or managed.The higher the risk area, the more audit time and client controls are required.In order to identify your business risks, we must obtain a thorough understanding of your controls, financial condition, sources of revenue, expenditures, competition and other business risks.

Our team will work with you to compile your financial data in a manner which is acceptable to those who regularly review financial statements and make decisions that may affect your ability to grow your business and prosper.To provide greater value to our clients, Nichols, Cauley and Associates, LLC has changed its approach for conducting financial statement audits from the traditional approach to a Risk Based Audit approach.The Risk Based Audit is superior to traditional audit approaches for two reasons.In our audit, review and compilation engagements we have systemized our processes to ensure you receive quality information in a timely manner.The financial statements are a useful tool in measuring your most recent results because- "What you can Measure, you can Manage".

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