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There is hope, however that the most recent findings of the ancient Olmec calendar and the similarities in race, culture and language with Africans in West Africa will be brought out and made available to those who see an obvious African influence and presence in early America.

There are other brown skin men and women doing various things on land on these same walls, and there are light complexioned people doing various things also, such as paddling black skin warriors. It is served by a harbor island named Isla Cerritos, which though small (200 meter diameter) possessed a bustling town that functioned as a stopover and trading post for early boat traffic., although these were built of mud and one was more cone-shaped then actually pyramidal.The Olmecs apart from carving 22 colossal stone heads dating to about 1100 B.It is situated between what is now the Mexican States of Vera Cruz, and Vera Cruz.Amongst the products passed along this route were honey, cotton, corn, obsidian, jade, turquoise, spices, cacao and going in both directions were slaves.

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